Christine and Peter – a short scene


This is a short experimental scene in the horror genre, which is something I don’t normally read or write. It was fun writing, though, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Kapunda Copper Mine
The historic copper mine at Kapunda in South Australia. (Image © Ken Lyons || Write, said Ken)

Christine and Peter

The lock-in at the haunted pub was uneventful, but Christine was determined to make the most of their visit. They drove to a nearby historic mine site, where Christine drove into the car park and brought her bright red convertible to a stop. She jumped out and waited for Peter to unfold himself from the passenger’s seat. She smiled as he swore under his breath. At 6 feet 2 inches tall, he was a little big for her tiny car. Peter was sure Christine only insisted on driving it so she could watch him struggle to get in and out.

“Come on, slow coach”, she taunted as he closed the door.

“Your car’s going to kill me one of these days, Chris!” he said playfully as he stumbled towards her, trying to get the feeling back into his legs.

“Yeah, yeah. Stop whining. Let’s go”.

Christine took Peter’s hand, and they walked into the mine site, laughing as they made their way along the path.

They neared a set of roughly cut steps that led down into one of the open-cut mine pits. Making their way tentatively down, they stopped at the entrance to a tunnel carved into the side of the pit. An old steel grille, rusted and with chipped black paint, blocked them from entering. As they stopped and began reading an information board, they were suddenly hit with an overpowering stench blasting from within the dark tunnel.

Ghoulish, almost human-like figures appeared, slipping quickly between the bars. There seemed to be hundreds of them as they climbed, their shrieks so loud they were deafening. Christine screamed in unison and tried to cover her ears. Her head felt like it would explode, and then suddenly, it was quiet. She looked around, trying to understand what she had just seen.


Chris screamed as she saw Pete crumpled on the ground beside her. A grotesque and twisted face, grimacing in terror. His lifeless eyes stared at her. He was very, very, dead.


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