Book Review: Vendetta by Tony Park


Vendetta by Tony Park

Vendetta is Tony Park’s 21st novel, and he’s lost none of his energy in storytelling. This is the fifth book that features Captain Sannie van Rensburg, who teams up with long-time friend and safari guide Mia Greenaway as they uncover secrets that go back decades.

Adam Kruger is a veteran of the Border War, now living a quiet life as a car park attendant for a local shopping mall. After being drawn into a violent robbery as a witness and hero, his image is plastered all across the media, plunging him headlong back into a world he had walked away from. He also learns of the suicide death of a former team member from his days fighting in Angola and decides to attend the funeral to escape his newfound fame. Forging a friendship with Sannie, Adam accepts her offer to drive them both to the Kalahari, where Adam can attend the funeral, and Sannie can relax at the very exclusive Dune Lodge, where Mia works as a guide.

In true Tony Park style, Vendetta is filled with mystery and suspense. It’s a story that reaches back in time and catches van Rensburg and Greenaway in the middle of an ugly feud. Park is a master at weaving the old with the new. He feeds the reader snippets of information about what happened during the Border War from each character’s perspective and interweaves it with the present day. Everyone has their own version of the truth, and Park uses that to keep us all guessing at what really happened.

Vendetta has so many twists and turns that it will keep you turning page after page. With a knack for describing his characters and their surroundings, Park has filled Vendetta so full of imagery that you can smell the African bush as you follow the characters all the way to the quite unexpected ending.

As with all of Park’s books, Vendetta is set in Southern Africa and helps educate readers about some of the issues in that part of the world. In this book, we learn about diamond smuggling and the illegal trade in shark fins, as well as exploring PTSD and the effects of war on soldiers.

Born in 1964, Tony Park grew up in Sydney, Australia, and has worked as a journalist, press secretary, and public relations consultant. He also served over 30 years in the Defence Force with the Australian Army Reserve. Park and his wife Nicola now split their time between their home in Sydney and their second home in South Africa, where he gains inspiration for his writing. Park is also the author or co-author of numerous non-fiction books. He supports various wildlife charities and is a patron of Painted Dog Conservation Inc.

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