As I copyedit, I take a close look at your manuscript and check it for both spelling and grammar errors. Copyediting is more about the mechanics of writing than it is about style. You should have already had your manuscript structurally edited, as large portions of text can change during that process. Once you’re happy with the structure, then it’s time for the copyedit.

As part of the copyedit, I’ll be looking at:

  • spelling and grammar errors (including consistent spelling where there are variations)
  • correct capitalisation
  • overuse of particular words (word ticks)
  • consistent numbering style
  • consistent use of tense and points of view
  • inconsistent descriptions (such as physical attributes of a character).


After your manuscript has been edited and laid out for printing, it’s time for a final check to make sure everything is correct. Sometimes, errors can be introduced when the document is typeset, so proofreading is an opportunity to find any of those errors that may have crept in. It’s also a time to find things like widows and orphans.

When undertaking a proofread of your manuscript, here’s what you can expect:

  • a final check of spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation
  • checking for consistent alignment of various elements on the page (such as headers, footers and margins)
  • making sure that page numbering is consistent
  • checking for uniform line and letter spacing
  • ensuring there are no widows or orphans.

What does it cost?

There’s really no way to know exactly what copyediting or proofreading will cost without knowing more about your manuscript. If you’d like an estimate, get in touch below and we can discuss your needs and the likely cost involved.

As a guide, I adhere to the recommendations of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd). Although I have many years of informal experience, I am an Associate member of IPEd with less than two years experience.

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